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SISTER ANNE – It’s like Batman meets the Exorcist…     only FUNNY!

My name is Brian Clark, better known as billy sidebyside. this site is dedicated to my NUN!

I’m in the process of developing an adult animated series called Sister Anne, the happy tale of a 500 pound nun and her never ending battle against the evils of sin. If you would like to learn more, you can click on the Sister Anne page. I am working with some amazingly talented people to produce my show, and I have been lucky enough to work with other equally talented individuals in the past. I created the main character with an old friend of mine who I published comics with back in the early days of black and white independents. his name was Steve Niles. Steve has graciously said he’d be willing to add his immense writing talent to the show should we get it on the air. hopefully we will be able to afford him…

I was also lucky enough to work on the Tick with Ben Edlund who taught me a lot and helped me take this idea from an obscure series of comic stories to…  well an obscure idea for a cartoon, but I think it’s a great obscure idea and I hope you do too.

you can follow our efforts to make our show a reality by reading our studio blog. you can see some of our animators work on their web site.

we also have several galleries of art from the show on our facebook page.

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